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Time for us to wake up. Why the Bankers always win.

It is time to wake up.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We have all looked at the world financial system, the wealthy, the elites, the bankers and the politicians and felt completely puzzled by the sheer scale and complexity of it, probably thinking something along the lines of ignorance is bliss or better left alone.

For a long time I agreed with that idea. Yet, as the problems in the world of inequality, injustice, war and the wealthy 1% push on, there comes a point where the people need to understand what is happening and why. It is time to take a look behind the smoke screen of complexity that we know as our financial system and see for ourselves why the world is the way it is and what lies at the root of it. The purpose of this article is simply to help people see and understand what is going on and then make their own decisions.

Behind the smoke screen

We are all familiar with the board game Monopoly. Imagine playing with 4 people. One the banker, hands everyone $25 and so there is a total money of $100 on the board, each person owning a quarter of the total money. This currency we own allows us to buy hotels, or in the real world houses, food, education and so on. We work hard day to day for that money and it allows us to prosper and provide for ourselves and our families.

Now the banker decides to increase the money on the board by bringing a further $400 to the table, yet rather than distribute it to everyone equally it is kept by the banker. So with $800 on the board and each person still holding $100, except the banker who now has $500, you only have 1/8 of the total money on the board, rather than the ¼ previously and can no longer afford that red Mayfair hotel.

In effect, you just became poorer as the banker became wealthier and the worst part of it is that you didn’t even notice. You may think you still have $100 so your wealth is unchanged, yet here is the magic trick. Through increasing the supply of money on the board, the process of inflation takes off and those red and green hotels just became a lot more expensive, to all players except the banker (who now has your extra portion of the currency that was effectively stolen). You were robbed blind and didn’t even realise what was happening!

Daylight robbery

Yet this is happening the world over. We all know of parents or grandparent who brought their houses for $10,000 and it is now worth over $500,000, that is the very same process in action. We are led to believe it is because the house price is increasing and they are now richer as a result, yet the actual reason is because the bankers and governments have created such vast sums of money, (through quantitative easing, printing money and banks creating credit from thin air) the value of the currency has declined relative to the house.

Now you may be thinking this isn’t all so bad as everyone benefits with the rising prices and becomes wealthier, but if we think back to the monopoly game, it is the spread of money around the board that is the real issue. Remember the banker is now considerably wealthier than everyone else at the table.

The increase of the money on the table un-balances the spread of wealth benefiting the few at the cost of the many. Or put another way, our money and wealth is taken from us, the public, and put into the pockets of the few, the bankers and elites. So yes my grandparents still own that $500,000-dollar house, but the banker now owns 4 of them!

It is outright theft, a hidden tax that allows a centralised group to control the money of the world through increasing the money supply and not distributing it equally and has resulted in a world with too much poverty, plagued by war and discontent all the while with a 1% minority managing to take control of as much as 50% of the wealth.

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"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and Monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning"

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